Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sightseeing-Alex Duchac

Or as the sensation,
A bird must feel.

My fin cuts the water,
As a fish must feel.

A tree,
white pine, towering,
then gone.

A bridge,
Newly made, wood still whpale,
away in a flash.

A waterfall,
sparkles, frozen in mid drip,
a glimmer passed

My skis,
Skates on the finest ice,
Pushing me forward.

My happiness,
Swelling me,
Making me full.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Last Day-Alex Duchac

On the last day of this encounter week, we learned about an artist who uses the environment as his primary medium. As soon as we arrived at school we were told to go upstairs to the Commons Room. We watched the movie Rivers and Tides, a documentary about Andy Goldsworthy. This film explores about how Goldsworthy uses his art to connect to the world around him. After watching this enlightening footage, we went down to the computer lab and blogged about it for a few minutes. Then we went and ate our feast of pizza to commemorate the end of a great encounter week. Thank you, Mollie.

Cycle-Alex Duchac


The cycle
of nature
A circle
Never ending


The struggle
To win
To survive
Outlast the other


The beauty
Of nature
Is the battle
Of change

Friday, January 27, 2012


Thank you to everyone on the encounter week (that includes Mollie!)  I have to admit I wasn't too sure what I was going to be expecting for this week.  I was kind of scared to be honest.  In the end though, I HAD A REALLY GOOD TIME!!!!  I went cross country skiing, went to college (just kidding, I wrote about some very interesting prompts at Middleberry College,) drank some very good hot chocolate, looked at poop :P and tapped a tree and almost died coming back down on the ice!  My lessons learned:
Always be optimistic! Even if it seems like a bad idea....
Happy weekend!

The Lonesome Tree (Jill)

This is a poem I wrote about the Elm tree at Middleberry College:

The lonesome tree standing so tall against nothing
Its bristle wound skin looking like a farmers hands after a long day at work

Its long limbs working out into the dark sky
looking like innocent hands reaching for peace
The tangled branches looking like those who have been killed

The small branches hanging down to the bottom of the earth
The pea sized moss strewn on to the side of a large bottom branch
looking like the amount of real earth we have left.
The lonesome tree
the last one standing
Soon to be completely gone

Elm Tree (Jill)

After seeing the tree below, I took a picture (Amira's camera) and drew it at home after attempting it at the college (last drawing.)
The Elm tree

My first attempt at the Elm tree

This was most likely my favorite trip on the Encounter Week.

The week has been very entertaining. The blog has been a great experience, along with the many excursions.  Thank you to Mollie for a great week :)