Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Brief History of Bill McKibben (Sofia and Shea)

Bill McKibben grew up in the suburbs of Massachusetts and attended Lexington high school. He went to Harvard and shortly after enrolling, he became the president of the Harvard Crimson newspaper.
After graduating, he presided at the New Yorker magazine and focused on writing.
He is now the author of more than a dozen books and he wrote his first in 1989, and he called it “The End of Nature.”It is one of the first books for the general audience about climate change and has now been printed in approximately 20 different languages. A new updated version came out in 2006. McKibben has organized three different environmental campaigns in the past five years. The first of the three environmental campaigns is called “Step it Up” and started in 2007. He helped lead a five-day walk across Vermont to raise awareness about global warming. Since then, he has created a non-profit called 350.org which is an organized global effort to raise awareness about carbon emissions. His newest campaign is against Keystone XL, he wants to stop the construction of the pipeline that is supposed to go from Canada to the gulf of Mexico, but after many days of protest, the President vetoed the bill.

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