Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 1: What we did (A detailed account by Will Shayne)

Our group first gathered in the computer lab. Before we could start our blog, we saw a presentation that Mollie had put together. It told us the main goals of the encounter week. We talked about sustainability and we talked about the kinds of art different students could contribute. Then we looked up Bill McKibben and saw an old Colbert report on his non-profit org, and a very new NPR story (from that morning!). We worked on the blog, changing the background and figuring out how to invite people.

We had a long bus ride to the cross country skiing place. One of the groups got lost and drove all the way to Cornwall! We ate our lunches on the road. When we did get there, we changed into our skiing boots. Then we talked with Bill. He told us how he got from being a journalist to being an activist. Then we asked questions. Merle and Will asked questions. After, we got our skis and poles and went out to ski. We seemed to have 3 natural divides. There were the fast skiers, the medium skiers and the beginners skiers. Because of that, the fast people went ahead of the medium and slow people, causing them to be separated. They pretty much went their own ways. Then we drove back to VCS.

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