Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 4 Shelburne Farms (Lutes)

Today we went to Shelburne farms. At Shelburne farms we did many things. When we first got there we got out of the bus and met Peter, he took us into the building and he talked to us a little about what we were going to do and about tapping a tree. We went for a hike that was long and cold we learned how to identify a maple tree that does not have leave. This is how, if the branches are opposite that usually means that it is a maple. if the branches are alternate that usually means that it is not a maple. After about two hours we went in for lunch we had some sharp cheddar cheese that was delicious, we got ready and put on our warm clothes, we went back out, this time we went to tap the tree. In order to tap the tree we had to find a tree with the circumference of forty-four inches and make sure that the tree was healthy once we found the perfect spot on the tree we drilled a hole into the trunk, after that we stuck the spout into the hole and started tapping the spout with a hammer until we heard an echo slowly sap started dripping of the spout. We got to try the sap, the sap was sweet and watery. After one hour went back inside and learned all of the steps from the beginning soil to the finished maple product. The day was long and cold, but also fun.

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