Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eco-friendly Restaurants in Burlington (Lutes, Shea, Sofia)

Burlington is known for its awareness about the environment this also translates into its restaurants and social aspects, for example there are many restaurants in Burlington which are Eco-friendly, for examples would be Magnolias Bistro which some of us visited today is Green Restaurant Certified. Most of the materials they use are recycled and they make an extra effort to use organic products in there cooking as well as supporting local farmers.
Another example would be the Skinny pancake, they are committed to the environment, the community, and being sustainable. They compost what they can and they also buy as much products locally. They work with over 40 local farms to help keep local farmers in business.
They advocate the use of non disposable water bottles and using vegetable oil vehicles. These are our favorite Eco-friendly restaurants in Burlington.

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