Wednesday, January 25, 2012



Almost touching the dull grey sky up over my head
Reaching as if on tippy toes
Only to find that it is just a little bit too short to tickle the clouds
It droops back down
Delicate twiggy fingers hanging so low that they can almost feel the grass
But not quite
Poor tree
Stuck in the middle
And so beautiful

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  1. Wow Amira, that's a fine drawing and a nice thought.Grandad has just seen the David Hockney show at the Royal Academy, which is very lively and full of colour, with lots and lots of trees, only in England (his landscapes were mostly painted in his native Yorkshire) there are no elms any more, as they were wiped out a generation ago. His biggest trees, three of them, painted in winter, spring, summer and autumn, might be horse chestnuts. I liked Winter the best. There were some early works, very beautiful if rather bleak, but now he has filled the big galleries of the RA with lots of California colour. Some of the paintings are made up of 32 panels, and the biggest painting, The Arrival of Spring, is accompanied by 52 'paintings' he drew on his I-Pad and had blown up and printed. This works quite well except for the washes which come out a little blurry at the edges. Often he does several versions of the same composition, in different colours. And the big ones are split into rectangular panels, all the same size, all painted directly, so there is no single vanishing point. He did the same with many film cameras, the pictures all overlapping a bit, like the reflections in a broken mirror. People were fascinated. It was a nice way to celebrate the first day of the Lunar New Year, a dragon year, colour black, and element water. Have to wait another sixty years before the next Black Water Dragon comes around! Love, Grandad