Thursday, January 26, 2012

Goner (Jill)

The cold weather grabbing at my nose
My feet feeling like they are about to fall off

My ankles about to snap at another burst of fridged air
My fingers are non-existent to my brain

I have an internal clock ticking away for the time we will sprint down the hill
Toward the Florida type air about to melt us from our ice cubed skin

As the time gets close I get impatient
I stop slipping on the ice engorged hill

I walk in a fast manner hoping to get to Florida before the warm air is swept out of the room
I get closer and closer

I can see the farm right before my eyes
Its closed mouth looking so inviting to force open

I run up the remaining of the hill
Almost out of breath

When I see our leader go into the woods and motion for us to come
I hope it’s quick

He mentions lunch is soon
My impatient side starts to fill my whole body

He says we will be out for another 30 minutes
My heart sinks
My nose becomes numb
My fingers fall off
My ankles snap in two
And as I fall to the frozen ground, my ice cubed skin shatters into millions of pieces

The cold swallows me in one large bite
I am Gone

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