Thursday, January 26, 2012

Maglianero Cafe-Alex Duchac

An alleyway in Burlington hides both great hot chocolate and great ideas. The place where these objects of greatness preside is at the Maglianero Cafe. This cafe’s emphasis is on alternative means of transportation. The main alternative form that they suggest is bicycles. With posters of bike races plastered on the walls, an indoor bike rack, and even a bike-repair table, this is clearly proven. The idea behind this cafe is to encourage people to commute to work in a more eco-friendly way. The main challenge they foresaw was that commuters need a way to clean up after their strenuous bicycle rides to work. To remedy this situation the creators of the cafe built a shower that is open to the public. With an average of 5-6 year-round commuters using their services, plus many more in the summer, this has become a major success. They have even built an indoor skateboard park in one corner of the cafe for skateboarding commuters. If you think that the need for good food is lost with this out-pouring of eco-friendliness, you are happily mistaken. Maglianero’s hot chocolate is some of the best I have ever tasted. Additionally, the coffee has been personally handpicked to be both amazing in flavor and to benefit the farmers. This is truly one of the most phenomenal cafes I have ever been to.

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