Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Organic VS. Eco - What's the Difference? (By Mitch)

I found it disturbing when I selected the Google query for "Eco Restaurants in Downtown Burlington", what came up was several restaurants saying "organic" not eco. Organic may be part of eco-friendly, but it is not all of it. Organic food means 100% natural, no pesticides, which is helpful to the environment. However, the mass producing of waste and the excessive consumption of energy cancels out the efforts made by the "organic" farmers. Starbucks coffee came up in the search results and an eco company being one of, if not the largest coffee companies in the world, with almost all imported ingredients. My overall comment is: Being organic is part of being green, but keeping it local, keeping it efficient, and keeping it clean are characteristics that must be possessed in order to be organically "Green". Today as we go downtown, I am going to be on the look out for fully, organically "Green" efforts being made in the restaurants that we visit in order to determine whether they are organic, or actually eco-friendly.

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