Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tapping Process - Amira

First you have to find a spot as far as possible from old holes so that the scar tissue that tapping leaves will be spread out. Then you use the hand drill to make a hole that is about an inch and a half deep. It is important to use a very sharp drill bit so that you don't harm the tree. it is also important to drill straight or at a VERY slight upwards angle.

After You drill the hole you need to pull the drill out while turning the drill bit as if still drilling. Then you can take a non maple twig or seedling that is still green and alive and use it to clean out the hole.

When the hole is clean you can hammer the tap in. you must be very gentle and continue until the hammer bounces back at you and the sound echos from the top of the tree. By this time the sap will have probably have begin to flow.

After you have spent a long time with your tongue or your finger under the tap then you can hang the bucket on the fin. Make sure that you put the lid on otherwise you maple syrup will be squirrel scat flavored.

If you have done everything right then by the time next year comes around your old tap hole should be all healed up.

Enjoy Your Maple Syrup

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