Thursday, January 26, 2012

What If (Jill)

What if there was smog in the air
What if the air wasn’t purely fresh
What if cars were the main source of transportation
What if companies told you they were organic leading you to believe that they are eco friendly
What if these were true
Your life wouldn’t change

These what ifs are true and they need to stop

What if there was no smog in the air
People would be happier
What if cars weren’t the main source of transportation
People would be getting enough exercise and they would be helping stop global warming
What if companies weren’t scared and told the truth
People would stop going to places where it was bad for the environment
What if we could all accomplish this
Global warming would stop
What if global warming stopped
We would all be healthier and happier

It’s time to take action and take out “what if” and “was, would, weren’t, would, and stopped.”
Let’s make this world a better place

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